Did you know that most offices in the US will have a corporate Christmas party?

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a global outplacement consultancy firm, found that this year alone, more than 80 percent of companies will partake in yuletide festivities.

Planning these parties can be a hassle. They quickly become expensive, as bands and other entertainers demand huge paydays.

we believe in doing things differently

Founded in 1996, we offer affordable holiday entertainment at real-time rates for your corporate Christmas party or event.

You can expect superior quality when you hire the Christmas Carolers. We cherry-pick our talented singers from music schools across the country. All our carolers are dressed in professionally-designed and award-winning Victorian-styled costumes that invoke the spirit of the season. Our carolers certainly know how to stand out in a crowd!

Per hour, we charge $100 to $200 for each caroler. We find that most of our customers order quartets for their corporate Christmas parties, which include a four-piece soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (SATB).

The Christmas Carolers won’t just stay in one spot all night (unless you want them to!), but rather move naturally through the room to entertain all guests and get them in the Christmas spirit. ​ Our carolers sing a cappella, which means without music. They’ll perform your favorite holiday tunes, including the classics that bring back memories of Christmases of yore. At the Christmas Carolers, all our performers are part of the National Carolers Association so you know you’re getting the best entertainment for your money.

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